Half of the fun of going to a quality show like the Temecula Rod Run is being there at the end to see the mass movement of hot rods as they leave the show…

… which leaves the streets filled with hot rods, all at once, which looks a little something like this.  We bet the guy that’s second in line here at this light feels a little out of place!  Someone didn’t get the “bring your best vintage car” memo!


Same thing here.   Half perfection, half filled with cars that look like everything else in the average contents of any given parking lot these days.  Sure, modern cars have their advantages.  But out of the two red cars in the photo, which one were you looking at?  Yup, we thought so too.

Not only do cars like this make our streets, freeways, and highways (and driveways) look better, they also make them sound better.  Traffic somehow becomes melodic when throaty engines are a part of the mix.


It’s no surprise that we like the pavement better when hot rods are on it.  Now we just have to figure out how to make that happen with much more consistency.  Sure, we can hang around before and after shows like the Temecula Rod Run to see the streets glitter with vintage goodness like this, but that doesn’t feed our hot rod needs on an average Tuesday morning when we’re heading to work.


So here’s what we propose… there’s plenty of retirement communities where you have to be 65+ to even move in… how about a community where the only prerequisite is that your daily driver must be a classic, of any type?  Unrealistic, you say?  Well, maybe a smidge.  But a girl can dream, can’t she?

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