The big award at the Grand National Roadster Show is the America’s Most Beautiful Roadster or AMBR (amber) as it is well know by. The history of the award has the who’s who of builders and car owners from the automotive world with some very beautiful examples this year as well. Thru the years they have not all been fantastic in my eyes, but this year winner is my kind of hot rod, a traditional build that is a driver.

This is Darryl Hollenbeck’s 1932 Ford, a fantastic looking traditional roadster and the winner of this years AMBR.

Here are some of the other competitors from this years show.

This one was my pick for the AMBR, but you don’t always get what you want. When I walked into the building this is the one that immediately caught my eye.


This is last year’s winner that was also there, a Bobby Alloway built 1933 Roadster owned by Larry Olson.

The trophy is a crazy 9 feet tall and one of the cool things this year was a tribute to George Barris in front of the trophy and of course the iconic Batmobile.

There is more than just the AMBR cars so stick around for more fantastic hot rods and more.


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