The Grand National Roadster Show always makes me feel like the car show season has officially started, even though there are shows that were earlier in the year. A huge part of the show is the America’s Most Beautiful Roadster contest or AMBR (AMBeR) as many call it. Builders from far and wide build some of the most fantastic vehicle contraptions in the form of a roadster to compete and this year’s contenders hit it out of the park.

First, let’s show you the fantastic winner of this year’s 9-foot trophy. A 1936 Packard called “The Mulholland Speedster” which was built by Hollywood Hot Rods, designed by E.Black Designs and owned by Bruce Wanta. The car is one of the most fantastic hand built cars I have ever seen and the small details are one of the things that are so much fun. One of my favorites is the umbrella stashed in the driver’s side door. Also is the amazing hard top the fully folds into the trunk.

The Mulholland Speedster – AMBR Winner

There were another 12 contenders for the award and they ranged from traditional hot rods to hand built beauties like The Mulholland Speedster.

1932 Ford Roadster Pickup “Time Merchant” – Matthew Gordon, Hueytown, AL

1928 Ford Model A “The Muroc Roadster” – Bill Grant, Claremont, CA

1928 Lincoln Roadster – Shawn Killion, San Diego, CA

1937 Ford Roadster “After Shock” – Glen McElroy

1929 Ford Model A “Probiscus” – Wayne Johnson, Hillsboro, OR

1927 Dodge “The Fool’s Goldster” – Matt Taylor, Concord, CA

1932 Ford “Hill Country Flier” – Dan Peterson, Austin, TX

1932 Ford – Gord & Carolina Gray, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

1932 Ford “Back in ’47” – Scott Hawley, Burlingame, CA

1932 Ford “Black Jack” – James Hetfield, Vail, CO

1934 Ford Phaeton – Jim McPherson, Nashville, TN

1932 Ford Roadster Pickup “Boss 302” – Don & Linda Lindfors

Last Year’s AMBR Winner – Hollenbeck 1932 Ford


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