While walking around the Big Bear Fun Run this passed Saturday I stumbled upon one of my favorite cars. There is just something cool about an un-chopped Model T, a Tall T in all its original phone booth glory. To add to the coolness it was a center door. Now I have seen a center door Tall T at this show before and it was awesome, but this one draws you in with a fantastic flathead and old school original Ford acetylene headlights that are not hooked up yet but will be (per the owner). So I checked it out once and then walked the rest of the show and came back to it again. The second time I found out something even more fun about this cool hot rod and I’m not talking about the checkered seat backs and headliner. This beauty is owned by Greg Hahs. So who is Greg you ask. He has the craziest, most fun taste in cars. I have featured his rides in year’s past on this blog. Check out 2 of my favorites here. So back to the Tall T. He had just finished last week and hauled it up the hill to Big Bear for its début and what a début it was. As I stood talking to Greg about the T many an on looker perused the hot rod commenting and congratulating Greg on his awesome ride. So enough of all this here are the pics of this cool hot rod.

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