While walking around the Goodguys Del Mar Nationals there are plenty of fantastic rides that you roll past. Sometimes though a car will just jump out and grab you and let me tell you it is hard to miss this draped in chrome beauty. What is it you ask? A 1958 Buick had just rolled past me low and slow and I knew I had to find it when it parked.

When I finally caught up to this fantastic ride it was parked right along the cruise route, in all its sparkling chrome glory. Now we have come across the ’58s in the past like the one we found at the Art Center Car Classic last year, but this is one of the nicest modified Buicks we have ever seen.

The ’58 Buick has one of the best grilles on the planet, all 160 chrome squares of it, so of course it has its own name the “Fashion-Aire Dynastar”. Now this particular Buick has all the things a custom needs, the right stance, pinstripe accents, ghost flames in the rear quarter panel and one over the top interior and an owner with a shirt to match. This is one FINtastic ride that just sucked you in and made you want to stay awhile and admire its beauty.

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