While cruisin’ the OPG Classic Car Show this Saturday, we met this darling girl…

… otherwise known as Elsie the El Camino.

We saw many good-looking El Caminos at this show, but for some reason, Elsie spoke to us.  There she was, basking in the morning sun, just hangin’ out and enjoying her space in the parking lot.

Richie, Elsie’s owner, popped the hood for us and immediately apologized for the engine dust.  No need, we said.  That’s just proof that Elsie’s been driven around town.  A little engine dust gives her just the right amount of retro street cred!

Richie purchased the car in Seal Beach about a year and a half ago.  Elsie came in this condition, ready for adventures with her new owner.  See that surfboard hanging from the rear view?  Richie tells us that Elsie does a great job of hauling his surfboards all around town.


My sister drove an El Camino nearly identical to this in high school (same color too, hers was a ’64, Elsie is a ’65), and seeing Elsie brought back great memories.  That’s one of the reasons we love vintage cars so much.  We don’t really hear stories of the wild times someone had in their Corolla.  But with a vintage stunner like Elsie?  Now that’s where memories are made!

We like to think that Elsie enjoys going to the beach just as much as Richie does.  If we’re lucky, we’ll spot her parked sand side one day, waiting for Richie to return from the morning surf.  We have no doubt she’ll be smiling and soakin’ up the sun.

Thanks to Richie for introducing us to Elsie.  We imagine the two if them will be happy together for many years to come!

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