The Automobile Driving Museum always puts on some of our favorite events and you can’t forget their Sunday Driver days, where you get to get a ride in their museum cars! This time they hosted a fantastic gathering of Gassers…

these jacked-up beauties that dominated drag strips in the ’60s.

The racers of the day would raise up the car to help with weight distribution to get traction to the rear tires on acceleration.

Sometimes changing to a truck straight axle or just simply raising the car did the trick and solved the weight distribution problem. Essentially, these cars were put on a diet – only afterwards were they truly ready to race.


Right next door to the Automobile Driving Museum is Hot Rod Magazine’s garage…

and parking lot, where many of the ADM’s events spill over to.



When we ventured inside the Automobile Driving museum, we were greeted by more Gassers, like the “Strip Tripper” 1941 Willys Truck…


or this ’60s racing beauty – all blood, sweat, and gears!

This is only the beginning of a great week of Gasser madness from the Automobile Driving Museum, so stick around for more high horsepower coverage!

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