The big boy of the year. The Grand National Roadster Show is in the books and man was it fantastic this year. So much hot rod goodness for it’s 70th show.

First, a big congratulations to George Poteet and Pinkee’s Rod Shop on winning this year’s AMBR award with their 1936 Ford the “3 Penny Roadster”. Such a fantastic ride along with all the other wonderful AMBR cars that entered.

America’s Most Beautiful Roadster 2019

Here are the other 13 contenders for this year’s AMBR award along with last year’s winner the “Martin Special”.

America’s Most Beautiful Roadster 2018

I was at the show on Friday and Saturday. My Friday started in the NHRA Museum for the GNRS Press Conference than it was off to check out the buildings that were filled with all kinds of hot rod goodness.


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