A few more from the fantastic PV Concours. In its 25th year, the Concours delivered with some fantastic automobiles and airplanes at Zamperini Field. I look forward to next year’s event.

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  1. anthony maggio

    Hi Wes, I just wanted to thank you for the incredible photos you shared from the PV Concours these last 3 days. Your pictures are incredible and show off just how different the event has become. Anthony Maggio 1958 yellow Ford Thunderbird hardtop, and Class manager @ the PV Concours.


    Hi Wes, I too want to chime in with Anthony with a big thank you for covering this year’s Show, as you have in the past. While you couldn’t photograph every car there, you do get a feel for the venue and display. I too loved it. Cool cars and cool aircraft, what could be better? See you soon at another event Wes! Jerry Mull, American Woodie Class @ the 2018 PV Concours.


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