You have to love the automotive community. We are always promoting others and helping each other out. As they say “Help those that help you”. In the beginning of January I get a DM through IG from a guy named Wiley about the Lost Souls Car Club Getdown. I’m always down for a new SoCal show so on the calendar it goes and on Sunday the show definitely gets down.  The show was originally supposed to be in LA, but do to some circumstances it gets changed to Queens Wharf in Long Beach. I roll up to a huge parking lot and half of it is filled with kustoms, traditional hot rods and lowriders. I know I’m at the right place and it looks like it’s going to be an awesome show and I was right. I ran into a few friends and checked out all kinds of wonderful vehicles. Today is your first batch of pics. Make sure to come back tomorrow for more.



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