A regular feature here on The Daily Driver Project is the “Street Spot.” We love seeing vintage cars as daily drivers, out on the streets where they belong. When we see a vintage car worth sharing, we’ll post it as a Street Spot. Sometimes it will be a beauty, sometimes it will be a beater, but then again – even the beater cars are beautiful to us!

Now I have done a street spot on this van before, but that was while it was rollin’ down the street, which is awesome, but you don’t get to check out the artwork up close. I was lucky enough to stumble upon it in the parking lot of the Ventura Nationals, so a second street spot with a closer view of the handy work of Pinstripe Chris. Check his stuff out he is an amazing artist, heck I own 2 of his pieces. Check them out hangin’ on the wall of my place.




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