Imagine our surprise as we rounded the corner of OPG’s building at this Saturday’s Classic Car Show and saw this…

… that’s right, ladies and gents.  A genuine donk, otherwise known as an endangered species in So-Cal, and on most of the West coast.  Indigenous to the East Coast, donk car culture near the Atlantic is still going strong, although newer cars than this ’67 are more popular.  We love that the choice of car alone makes it feel a bit more West coast, like a So-Cal native that summered at the shore each year.

Essentially, any car qualifies as a “donk” if it features extremely large wheels, like these 24 inch ones that this Cutlass is sporting.

No matter how you feel about donk cars, you can’t deny their presence.  They command attention.  We know one thing, we’d scoot aside if we saw this guy coming down the street at us!

Up next… gorgeous Malibus from OPG.  Stay tuned!


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