What a fantastic way to start a Sunday. I headed out to Malibu to help put on the monthly show Wheels & Waves. It was a wonderful time with a great people. I truly appreciate Fireball & Ken who I put the show on with and the great people that come out to the show. I have made some wonderful friendships from this show. But before we get into the pics some news. The next Wheels & Waves is August 19th (3rd Sunday of Every Month) and we are moving locations, but not far. We are moving across the street, so instead of a making a right into the show you will be making a left (blue line and box, see the map below) if that parking lot fills we will be using the upper parking lot as overflow parking (white box and line on the map below).

Now that we have the news out of the way onto the fantastic vehicles and people that rolled out to the show. Thanks again to everyone that came out to the show.

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