What was once an epic failure is now a triumph – the Chrysler Airflow was way ahead of its time – try 20 years ahead, with both style and engineering that would push other car designers in the future.

We found this last production year Airflow, in all its patina glory, at The Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show.

This grille was simplified from the designs of previous years, but it still retains an outstanding look.

A beautiful wood dash with elegantly designed, integrated gauges really shows how far ahead this car was for its time.

You have to make sure you stay warm on those cold winter nights, and this BF Goodrich heater is up to the task.

The Airflow had an almost perfect balance at a 50-50 weight ratio and was a lightweight car for the time. You can see the trunk bump, which on the early cars was flat to help with the aerodynamics of the car, but due to the poor reception of the car in 1934 this was one of the design compromises.

As the Airflow passed us on its way out, we both noticed how whisper quiet the engine was, just one more detail that set it apart from other cars in its day.

Stay tuned for more from the Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show!

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