The Friends of Steve McQueen Show brings out all kinds fun and unusual vehicles…
and this 1947 Triumph Roadster has such a fun story we had to share it with you.
These Triumphs were mainly aluminum do to steel shortages after World War II in England. They used aluminum from the Mosquito combat plane to form the body. An interesting fact about this particular car is that the front fenders are steel.
That is not an optical illusion, the steering wheel is on the right hand side.
A Dickey Seat (Rumble Seat) was hidden in the back and everything folded away when not in use, a pretty cool feature.
This particular car has a fun back story. The previous owner was the inventor of the can spray nozzle, kind of a fun fact, because of how much that is used in our everyday lives.
Here you get a really good look at the rumble seat, which has a built in windshield, one of the only cars to every do that.

Look for more from The Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show.

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