A feature here at the Daily Driver is the Car Crash.  Breathe easy – no actual cars were harmed in the making of this crash.  That would be a crime, and a cryin’ shame.  Our Car Crash is much more fun – in a “crash a party” kind of a way.  If you’ve ever seen a vintage car and wanted to see the interior or wondered about its restoration process, then the Car Crash is just the post for you.  Join us as we explore the details of a gorgeous vehicle…

While walking around the Greystone Concours d’Elegance, we found this little gem at the end of one of the aisles.

This 1958 Enzmann 506 owned by Erik and Jannie Ouwersloot of Montrose, CA. This odd and unusual car has fantastic curves and is a rare, RARE, find in the US. Erik told me that he believes this to be the last one left in the country.


Check out the original Swiss plate under the car!

Enzmann was a Swiss car manufacturer that utilized a VW pan and drivetrain which was married to a fiberglass body that was built by a boat manufacturer for Enzmann. There were around 100 ever made and only a few survive today. A funny note: the rumor is that the 506 name is from Enzmann’s stand number at the 1957 Frankfurt Motor Show were the car debuted.


The odd little cutout (below) in the side of the car is the step to get inside – there are no doors on this car.

The best part of this car is the back story of how it came to the U.S. The original owner, named Burt, lived in the U.S. In the early sixties Burt married, and he and his new bride went on their honeymoon in Europe. Burt convinced his wife to go on a bicycle tour of Europe. That lasted all of three days; Burt’s wife had had enough.


She gave him an ultimatum (which started with “Listen, lover boy…”) that he either buy the first car they see or she was going home. This was the first car, a 1958 Enzmann 506, that Burt purchased on the spot.


On the passenger side of the car was a pair of cross country skis being held by bungee cords. Burt gave the skis back to the owner and lashed their bike to the side of the car. Since the car didn’t have doors, lashing a bike to the side didn’t impede their entry.


They traveled all over Europe in the car, but faced some issues. The car has no top, so they improvised and carried a bunch of umbrellas. Erik told me that they went through hundreds of them while on their trip, which expanded from 3 weeks to 9 months in Europe.  Burt used his aircraft skills, hand-making propellers along the way to pay for it. When it was time to come home, the car had to come too, as it was now part of the family.


Erik had been looking for a Enzmann for quite a long time, and a mutual friend connected him with the owner. Without hesitation, Erik used money that was set aside for new furniture to purchased this little beauty.  How do you explain to your wife that you bought an Enzmann instead of a sofa set?  Easy.  You can sit in it, can’t you?  Park it in the living room and voila – a stunning and unusual couch.

Don’t change that dial! There’s more to come from the Greystone Mansion!

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