I was recently at an event and got the privilege of meeting John D’Agostino of Celebrity Kustoms. John has built many a celebrated kustom in his time and showed me what was to be next on his cell phone. He informed me that it would be debuting at the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance, so on the calendar it went. A cell phone pic rarely does justice to what a kustom looks like in person and even my photos may not do enough to convey what stood in front of me on Sunday. What started life as a 4 seater ’58 Packard had become part roadster, part sports car and part kustom. With flowing lines and fantastic paint it is just hard to describe what was accomplished in the making of Rita, named and a tribute to the actress Rita Hayworth. John and Oz Welch owner of OZ Kustoms designed the car together and Oz layed down the fantastic Lavender Pearl paint job.  The fabulous interior was stitched-up by Bob Devine of Devine’s Custom Interiors. John walked me around the car showing me the little details and the modifications that were done. The car may have been made into a 2 seater, but ended up being longer than the original car, heck the cowl had 8 inches added to it alone.

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