Join us as we examine some of our vintage finds from the 2014 Greystone Mansion Concours d’Elegance…

Today we will be bringing you a trio of Ferraris from the Greystone Concours d’Elegance. First up is this 1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB owned by Ron Hein of Los Angeles, CA.

Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1947, but the Cavallino Rampante, or prancing horse, was used by Enzo in a variety of racing applications as far back as 1929.



We found a pair of fantastic Ferraris, beginning with this 1972 Ferrari Dino owned by Buddy Pepp of Beverly Hills, CA and…

this 1973 Ferrari Dino owned by Tony Shooshani of Beverly Hills, CA.

The Dino cars were a less expensive entry into the Ferrari market and were used for cars with less then 12 cylinders. The car was named after Enzo Ferrari’s first child, nicknamed Dino. Dino died at 24 from muscular dystrophy, and the Dino cars were created in his honor 12 years later.


Don’t change lanes, we have more to come from the Greystone Concours d’Elegance!

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