“More than meets the eye” is still the tag line of the Transformers toy line, and it aptly applies to this ’41 Studebaker Champion Coupe Delivery that is currently featured in the Petersen Automotive Museum’s Pickups Exhibit.

So… you’ve noticed it doesn’t look like a pickup.  That’s where the transformer part comes in, and the Petersen provides us with further detail on this surprising utility vehicle…


“Intended to combine the stylishness of a passenger car with the utility of a truck, the Studebaker Coupe Delivery was supplied with a removable cargo bed that could be inserted into the otherwise standard trunk compartment after removal of the deck lid.


The trunk-mounted pickup bed was manufactured by Edwards Iron Works of South Bend, Indiana and was available factory-installed for $33.  This expertly restored example is the only known surviving Studebaker Coupe Delivery from the 1941 model year.”


An advertisement from 1941 explains how this utility workhorse will serve a dual purpose.  “The merchant, farmer or industry requiring a part time pickup will find this Edwards application on the Studebaker Champion Coupe the practical and economical solution.  Lines of the pickup box are styled to fit perfectly with those of the car.  Result is a smart looking delivery unit that reflects credit on any business.”

Having the best of both worlds sounds like a good idea to us.  Transformer vehicles are always intriguing (anyone for an Amphicar?) – here’s hoping we can bring you more of them in the future.  In the meantime, it’s worth getting down to the Petersen to see this one-of-a-kind beauty in person.

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