In the automotive museum business, docents make the world go round – they are the tireless volunteers that keep the passion for this industry alive.  Some of the coolest docents we’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from and talking to are those at the Automobile Driving Museum.


Not only do we LOVE these docents, who are just as car crazy as we are, but quite often, the parking lot at the ADM is filled with cool vintage cars.  Seriously.  Car show on the inside + unplanned car show on the outside = win/win!  Ask around, and you’ll often find that the one you’re in love with in the parking lot belongs to a docent.


This stunning ’29 white-walled roadster belongs to Daily Driver Project friend Jerry Mull, whose car we first found (and featured) in our coverage of this year’s Girls in the Garage car show.  What we didn’t know then is that this is a major carlet (film star + car = carlet) from the film Deuce of Spades!  Jerry worked on the film in many capacities for two years, and purchased the car after production wrapped.  Not many enthusiasts can say their car is heavily featured in a film – oh the stories this hot rod has to tell!

Just around the corner from LAX, the ADM is NOT be missed, and if you stop by, the odds are in your favor that you’ll see Jerry’s red-hot ’29 parked outside!

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