What would you do if you received this 1949 Kurtis Sports car for your high school graduation?  We imagine that Arlen Kurtis, whose gorgeous yellow convertible we found lounging on the lawn at the Art Center Car Classic, would have flipped out in the best possible way.  Arlen received this Kurtis, an early graduation gift, from his father Frank at the beginning of his senior year in 1950.

Frank Kurtis, of Kurtis Kraft, designed and built race cars.  Arlen, with the help of Kurtis Kraft employees, put the all finishing touches on this car by June of 1951. However, Arlen sold the car in 1952 when he joined the Navy. For nearly four decades, Arlen and his yellow convertible were separated, but they reunited in 1990 when Arlen’s wife and daughter found the car and purchased it for him.

Not often seen at shows, this 1949 EL Convertible Lincoln intrigued show goers.  This full-sized luxury car, complete with a V8, showcased Lincoln’s postwar designs.  Alas, the EL did not last long, as they were only produced from 1949 to 1951.

This 1952 Hudson Wasp has a Hollywood pedigree, as it was once owned by Steve McQueen.  This Hudson is now owned by the Petersen Automotive Museum, and has not changed at all since Steve owned it.

Stay tuned for more vintage automotive goodness!

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