The art of metal shaping fused with the art of design brings you a three dimensional masterpiece in the Bugatti Type 64. You can see this beauty up close and personal at the Mullin Automotive Museum.

There were only 3 Type 64 chassis made, making this a rare item. This particular Type 64 started out as a just a bare chassis that passed between many a Bugatti collector but it never had a body placed on it. It was purchased by the Mullin Automotive Museum in 2003. Working with Art Center College of Design starting in 2010 a number of designs for a body were drawn up by the Transportation Design Students. Ultimately the final design was done by Stewart Reed Design. Stewart Reed is also the Chairman of the Transportation Design at Art Center. From the design the body was formed by the Automobile Metal Shaping Company in Michigan.

It debuted at the Art Center’s Car Classic show in 2013.

Seeing this car up close is just amazing. We first saw it at the Art Center show when it debuted and then at the Mullin Museum. The flowing lines, craftsmanship and shear beauty are just breathtaking and worth making the trip to Oxnard to check out the museum and this stunning piece of art.

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