The Bedlam at the Broiler brought out all kinds of fantastic kustoms, and that’s where we ran across this 1929 Chevy Roadster.

A standout from the crowd, this roadster is a one of a kind beauty.

What we love about these cars is that they are all geared for function, nothing more, nothing less – just a simple motor setup with just a little flash…

and that flows into the interior also. With simple gauges and at time very little flare, this time in the form of this Aladdin bottle.

If you rub it will you get three wishes – or are they already granted with this fantastic roadster?

The classic Body by Fisher tag just adds to the great detail throughout this car.

Not the ordinary tail lights you see on a roadster – these are from a 1952 Chevy.

This is one spectacular roadster and for some serious in-depth details, check out this story from Rod Authority, which delves even deeper into this one of a kind car.

There will be more to come from the Bedlam at the Broiler, so don’t change that dial!

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