This fabulous A is owned by Mr. Ed, “like the horse” – that is how Ed humorously introduced himself to us. We have to tell you, Ed’s Model A is much better than any horse could build… even if that horse could talk!

This is one of many hot rods in Mr. Ed’s stable, and is one of his favorites to drive.

Everything about this car is beautifully simple and functional, no complicated electronics or anything like that, just old school classic hot roddin’.


Hey, how often do you get a hub cap insignia facing the right direction after the car has parked?  Pretty much never, but today, we got lucky!


The utilitarian interior features a set of center gauges with just the right amount of aged patina.

This 1930 beauty was a great find at Bedlam at the Broiler, and thanks to Ed for taking the time to talk to us.

There is more to come from the Bedlam at the Broiler, so don’t change lanes!

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