While we found many gems at the OPG Classic Car Show, we had one exciting celebrity sighting… the debut of Ben Affleck’s 1966 Chevelle SS 396.  It’s always fun to see how someone takes a classic car and updates it to their tastes, as it can become a glimpse into the personality of the owner…


The deep oxblood color is a gorgeous choice on this Chevelle, as the rich tone highlights the lines of the vehicle beautifully.



The modern interior was surprising and sleek, we particularly loved the raw metal look of the interior, much of which featured interesting rivet details.


Equally as impressive under the hood, this Chevelle featured an MSD Atomic fuel injected big block.





Perfect in fit and finish, this clean-lined Chevelle rigthfully garnered some serious show attention.  Our only hope is that one day, we’ll capture this SS in action on the open road and bring it to you once again, as a street spot!

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