You know we are huge, HUGE fans of all raw metal creations. There is something about being able to see every crease, dimple and rust hole that makes us want to stare at these cars for hours.

While cruising through the Main Street Car Show we stumbled upon this beautiful vintage creation in the nude.

This “Bad Neighbor” Model A is one neighbor we would like to have!

The raw interior with its spot welded floor and simple sheet metal seat just add to the killer form of this Ford. And check out that door panel, fantastic!

Did we mention that this car was low – like I am almost laying down on the ground just to capture this beauty and it is worth it – kind of low. A cool touch was the green glass in the side and rear windows to go with the other green accents throughout the car. Long live the raw!!

Stick around for more vintage finds from The Main Street Car Show!

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