So if you have followed me for a while you know I’m a big fan of charity car shows that really help out the community. If your new, WELCOME, and now you have learned something about me. Last week was not the usual fare in SoCal. I know that everybody always says it’s 70 and sunny here, but that is not always the case. Sometimes Mother Nature, the Rain Gods or whoever decides to dump a little water on us (heck we need it), but it does put a damper on the outdoor car shows and you know I need my car fix. For a good cause they will still venture out though. On Saturday morning I headed down to Long Beach to checkout the new show in town, The Blood Drive Car Show. A show that donated part of the ticket sales to the Red Cross and arranged to have them on hand to draw blood from those willing and able to get poked. The rain did reduce the car count, but the cars that came out to the show were high-caliber examples of what SoCal has to offer in the Traditional and Kustom world. It was a great show with great cars and great friends. I hope there is another one down the road with a better weather day because I think it could be huge.

A great way to start off any show is super friendly and fun people working the tickets. A shout out to George and Yvette for putting a smile on my face and taking my money for a great cause.

The Blood Drive Car Show

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