There are microcars and then there are MICROcars!
While poking around The Little Car Show during Monterey Car Week we found the smallest car we have ever seen.
This is the 1964 Peel Trident a “Saloon Scooter” manufactured on the Isle of Man.
Sun, lots of sun. The owner calls it a “Sauna-Like Interior”…
and the only air coming in is from a small vent on each side of the car (if you can call it a car).
The Peel Engineering Company built 82 of these 3 wheel bubble on wheels from 1965 to 1966.
Constructed of fiberglass and a small 50cc Zweirad Union (DKW) single cylinder motor this car weighs 200 lbs. That is why you don’t need a reverse, you just pick it up to turn it around.
The Trident is 42 inches wide by 72 inches long and is for two passengers. YES!! I said two passengers.
So the craziest thing about this car is that it is street legal. Even crazier is you can purchase a Peel Trident today from Peel Engineering. The company was resurrected in England and produces both Peel models, the P50 and the Trident.

There will be more small car frenzy from Monterey Car Week so stick around!

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