A feature here at the Daily Driver is the Car Crash.  Breathe easy – no actual cars were harmed in the making of this crash.  That would be a crime, and a cryin’ shame.  Our Car Crash is much more fun – in a “crash a party” kind of a way.  If you’ve ever seen a vintage car and wanted to see the interior or wondered about its restoration process, then the Car Crash is just the post for you.  Join us as we explore the details of a gorgeous vehicle…

Last week’s Main Street El Segundo Car Show was filled with gems, and today, we bring you one of them. This 1930 Model A Ford Cabriolet is owned by Jan and Dick Wyckoff of El Segundo, Ca. All stock with overdrive, this beauty reflects the love that Jan and Dick have poured into this Cabriolet, and they provide us with all the details on this incredible project…


Date of Manufacture: May 14, 1930.  Vin #A3437659.  Original Cost: $740


Engine: Original four cylinder, 200 cubic inch, 40 horsepower engine with 4.2 to 1 compression ratio.

Transmission: Original three speed, non-syncro transmission.


Paint scheme: Original Model ‘A’ painting and plating configurations were used on the body, chassis, and engine.  The color is Lombard Blue with Tacoma Cream rims.


Brakes: Mechanical.  Wheels: Original 1930, 19″ spoked rims.  Body: All original steel.


Interior: Original style “Bedford Cord” from LeBaron-Bonney, Asbury, Mass.


Top: LeBaron-Bonney top installed by Loyola Auto Interiors, El Segundo, Ca.


We were loving this vintage ad in the rumble seat.  Who knew that rumble seats were once so controversial!


Jan and Dick’s Cabriolet didn’t always look so good.  In 2001, this was the condition of the car…


Restoration History: The Cabriolet was originally discovered in a garage in St. Paul, Minnesota.  It had been stored there from 1963 to 1983 with severe mechanical problems.  A collector purchased the car and relocated it to San Jose, Ca., where it sat in storage for 18 more years.  The collector passed away and a friend purchased it from the estate and moved it to Gardena, Ca., where it remained for two more years.


Recognizing the potential of a nice Cabriolet, Jan’s husband, Dick, obtained the car and started researching the details of this unique, luxury body style.  It turned out the car had been abused and many parts were missing or damaged.


After six years of searching and collecting original parts and studying other Cabriolets, the problems were fixed and the car was back on the road.  It was driven for the first time in 44 years on Dick and Jan’s 25th anniversary in March 2007.  Another Model A saved!


We love people who are in love with their cars, and Jan and Dick certainly fit that description.  This gorgeous Cabriolet seems like it truly is a member of their family, and between car shows and long trips, the three of them seem to be thoroughly enjoying their time together.  Special thanks to Jan and Dick for providing us with all of the details on their 1930 Model A Cabriolet!

We have one more unusual gem to bring you from the Main Street El Segundo Car Show – stay tuned this week for another great discovery!

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