It’s no secret that we love the Mullin Automotive Museum, and when we heard they had some new gorgeous cars on display, we had to see what new beauties graced their showroom floor.  Today we bring you one of their vintage stunners, in the form of this Delahaye Type 145, Chassis 48771.  As always, the Mullin has all the glorious details on this retro racer. MMBE14-DSC_0199r “Chassis 48771 is one of four race cars built for the Écurie Bleue racing team founded by Americans Laury and Lucy Schell.  Prior to World War II, Lucy sent the car back to Delahaye, who kept it hidden to protect its valuable magnesium engine.  Following the war, the engine and transmission were donated to André St. Blancard, the director of the Lycée Pilote de Montgeron trade school. MMBE14-DSC_0208r

In 1948 the car – absent its engine – was acquired by Charles Pozzi, French entrepreneur and race car driver.  Delahaye lent Pozzi its new Type 1755 V-12 engine.  In 1950 Pozzi added a Ford Cométe body to the chassis and replaced the V-12 with a six-cylinder Type 1355 engine.


Collector Serge Pozzoli acquired the car in 1951, discarded the American-style body and installed the original magnesium power plant that had been gifted to André St. Blancard.  However, neither gentleman was aware the engine was original.

MMBE14-DSC_0205r Peter Mullin acquired the car in 1987 and sent it to England for restoration by Crosswaite and Gardiner, where the engine was rebuilt and the original racing body recreated. MMBE14-DSC_0209r In 2006, Jim Stranberg of High Mountain Classics reviewed the drawings for the type 145, 155, and 165 engines and determined conclusively that chassis 48771’s engine was the original magnesium model.  The intact and original chassis 48771 is now owned by the Mullin Automotive Museum.” The Mullin is a museum that is not to be missed, for cars like this one.  If you’re even remotely nearby (it is worth the drive!), or are just passing though the Oxnard area, be sure to take the time to stop at this fine collection of cars!  Be sure to to check their hours first, as they are only open at select times.

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