So first off dairy is near and dear to our hearts, as Sara’s family at one time had a dairy farm in Southern California.
So what do we stumble upon but the Scott Brothers Dairy old delivery trucks at The Friends of Steve McQueen Show.  Restored to their prime these functional delivery vehicles harken back to the days of the milk man dropping off the glass bottles on your door step.
Simple, functional and beautiful is the interior of this wonderful truck.
Scott Brothers Dairy has been around for over 100 years and is still owned and operated by the same family since its inception.
This Chevy is all business and is magnificently utilitarian. There were no big tankers of milk like we have today, these trucks would load up there cans to get to the processing plant from the farm.
Just last year Sara’s Grandfather told me that when he was a kid he would have to get up and milk the cows and load the truck with the milk cans before heading off to school. A strange thing to think that where the farm was is now all industrial buildings in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

There is still more to come from The Friends of Steve McQueen Show so don’t change lanes.

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