Whether you are a Chevy or a Ford fan there is definitely a rivalry that exist and the personification of that comes about between the older Ford Mustang and younger Chevy Camaro. We found great examples of both at this years Street Machine and Muscle Car Nationals.

With the Mustang celebrating its 50th Anniversary last year they had a display of some of these fantastic Fords inside one of the buildings along with some of the ones we discovered outside. The Mustang was well represented at the show. We even watched them compete in the autocross.

Now we can’t forget about the younger Camaro who made its debut in 1967. Now not to be left out we also ran across a couple of Camaros attacking the autocross course and showing their might on the mobile dyno at the show.

To most automotive enthusiasts the thought of a big V8 in a small, lightweight car just makes us smile and both the Camaro and Mustang deliver on that.

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