We first ran into this fine automobile at this year’s Palos Verdes Concours d’Elegance, but between the crazy heat and the amount of people standing around it, we decided to wait for another day to photograph this beauty. But lucky for us, it was at this year’s Art Center Car Classic. A funny back story about this car, while we were at Palos Verdes, I focused the camera on the front of the car and I realized that the guy in my frame was someone hadn’t seen for years. Sure enough it was Scott a, guy that hired me at one of my earliest automotive jobs. He takes care of the mechanical aspects of this Duesenberg for the owner and was nice enough to walk us through the finer points of this fantastic car.

This 1921 Duesenberg A Dual Cowl Phaeton has a couple of cool little secrets. It is called a dual cowl because of the second windscreen for the rear passengers, which adds to their comfort. One of our favorite secrets is the hidden tool kit in the driver’s door – and the bar in the rear passenger’s compartment is a nice touch, too. Scott pointed out to us that at the base of the foot plate where the throttle is was a worn section from the hard leather shoes of the driver. When they restored the car they left that little bit of history as a reminder of its legacy. Now that’s how to restore a car and respect its history!

Stick around for more fun details and finds!

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