A plethora of early Fords graced the parking lot at the first Donut Derelicts of 2015…

…from 1929 Model As to ’32 Roadsters in all shapes, styles and finishes. There was definitely a large – and welcome – presence of Fords at the show!

Don’t change lanes, there’s more to come!

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  1. Tre Deuce

    The 30′-31′ Ford ‘Rat’ pick-up was sure nice. Would have been nice o see if the theme carried through to the interior/cockpit. Thanks for the post, Sara.

    Where is the Donuts & Derelicts meet-up held?

    • Wes

      It is held every Saturday in Huntington Beach, CA in the parking lot where Adams Donuts is. The corner of Adams and Magnolia. It starts at 6:30 am.

      • Tre Deuce

        Thanks for the response, Wes, appreciated.

        Will try to catch it when I go through Cali to Arizona in a few days.

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