Sara and I always have discussions about the future of this fantastic car culture that we love being a part of. If there is ever a doubt that it will survive, just go to your local car show and you’ll see plenty of kids waiting to take their place in the retro auto world.

In Monterey, we found one lucky kid – his dad not only owns this Mini, but gets him fully involved in the love of this car. First, he got to ride with his dad Anthony Brunetti in his 1971 Austin Mini to the Little Car Show during Monterey Car Week, as is evident by the kid’s seat in the car. Second, he even had his own little chair, just like dad’s, to sit in while hanging out for the duration of the show. But the best part is he gets to help dad with getting the car prepped for the event. Can you see this kid’s dedication?  He’s serious about participating and taking care of this car. This is one cool dad, one fantastic kid, and a great indication of how the next generation of car fanatics are coming along.

There is more vintage goodness on the way, so don’t change that dial!

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    • Wes

      It was our pleasure. Seeing you and your son at the Little Car Show was one of our favorite moments of Monterey Car Week!

  1. Donna Brunetti

    Wow, what a nice article. Thank you Anthony for sharing it with me. I can’t wait to see what capabilities little Austin will have after he turns 3 years old, it looks like he is already helping to detail. What a great team!


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