On Saturday I hung out with the folks from South Coast Corsa and Corsa West, a couple of Corvair clubs and checked out the Nethercutt Collection. Now you can go see the museum, which is across the street, but sign up for the tour, it is amazing. They have converted a warehouse into a 4 story wonderland of cars and car related stuff and some non-car related craziness too. Today we are going to be bringin’ you the cars in all their glory.

You start off in the Lower Salon which has some wonderful automobiles residing in it.

From there you go outside and thru a couple of huge brass doors into the Grand Salon. The Grand Salon is fashioned after dealerships of the 1910’s, 1920’s and 1930’s when you went in to an opulent showroom to order your car. In the salon are some of the most beautiful cars of that time, from Cadillac to Hispano-Suiza. Besides getting lost in all the shiny things around you the fun is to look at the license plates on these cars. They are driven and all have some sort of personalization name on it. The cars in the Grand Salon are all winners of different events all over the US, including the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Stick around, we will be bringing you more of this fantastic collection later this week.

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