Today we bring you a fabulous vintage trailer find from the Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show…


Is there anything better than the gleaming dream that is this 1961 Holiday House, complete with classic curved windows.


Lovingly restored by Jay & Betty Nordgren to include all the comforts of home, this trailer was originally manufactured in Medford, Oregon, between 1961 and 1962.


Holiday Houses were famed for their wider bodies and expansive interior views, thanks to a wall of windows across the back.  Jay and Betty have turned this area into a fabulous bar, suitable for breakfast or cocktails!



At a comfortable 18′, this trailer features plenty of amenities, all stylishly organized into a pleasing layout. This beauty is beyond rare, as only 12 are known to exist today!  We’re sure glad it’s in the hands of Jay and Betty, who take great care of this vintage travel masterpiece.

There’s more automotive goodness on the way… stay tuned!

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