The buildings at this year’s Grand National Roadster Show were filled with all kinds of fun and fantastic rides.

Part of this year’s show was a celebration of the 1940 Ford, which included a group of 40 fine specimens, and we bring you some of the standouts here. The 1940 Ford is an icon of the auomotive industry and has always been a favorite of hot rodders.

It’s not just about American steel at this show, creations from other countries, with their fabulous curves, are featured as well. But some are Americans that were built abroad. ROD-riguez may be a Ford, but it was built in Japan and now resides in California. Then there was the Elvis III, a custom Cadillac that was built in Italy and shipped to the States for this show.

We can’t forget one of my favorite sections of the main building, the pinstripers. Their steady hands, laying down paint onto everything from plates to helmets, are always amazing to watch.

There’s more to come, so stick around!

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