Join us as we examine one of our vintage finds from the 2014 Greystone Mansion Concours d’Elegance…

There are not enough adjectives (in any language) to describe this fantastic automobile. This is Jay Leno’s 1930 Bentley, built with a combination of both modern amenities and vintage parts to achieve a classic look.

Starting with a Rolls Royce Phantom II for the structure and a 1930’s Bentley bulkhead, the steering and brake components on the car started to take shape. Next, the massive 27 litre V12 Rolls Royce Merlin was added. The Merlin aero motors were built for many an aircraft in England, but are most famous for their use in the Spitfire fighter planes. What looks like a blower on the front of the car is used to hide the oil cooler, a very nice touch.

The builder of this fine automobile is Petersen Engineering in England. Using classic coachbuilding techniques, he brings these fantastic cars to life. They added modern fuel injection, large brakes, and a whole lot of cooling to make this one of the most street worthy cars out there.

The above and below pictures are of the beautiful stainless steel headers, showing off that there is a V12 under the hood.

It is difficult in any of these pictures to show just how large this car really is. However, in the video below, Jay does a great job of showing us some of the length, but seeing it in person you realize how massive it truly is.


Here’s a wonderful video from a Jay Leno’s Garage episode were he shows you all around the Bentley.

There’s more to come from the Greystone Mansion Concours d’Elegance – stay tuned!


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