This week we’ll be bringing you our superb finds from Fabulous Fords Forever, like this gorgeous vintage delight…


We love a car that is loud and proud – just like this lean, mean, and green killer cougar we found hangin’ out in the parking lot.


The hood wasn’t open, but by looking at the license plate, there’s no question what’s under there.

There’s more to come from Fabulous Fords Forever – stay tuned!

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  1. Tre Deuce

    Love the 67′ Cougars, ever since I saw them run in the Trans-Am at Pacific Raceways outside of Kent, Washington. My cousin has owned for years one with a very rare combination of options. It is an XR-7_GT, with the 390″ and 4-Speed. Very few were built with with that trim combo(XR-7/GT) and the big block with 4-speed. Red with a black interior. The only rarer models are the Dan Gurney Specials the XR-7-G’s.

    My aunt, for a time, also had a 67′ Cougar, which I borrowed for a about a month when my car was in the body shop, that experience sealed my desire for a Cougar.

    I look for 67’s on ‘CL’ all the time, but usually only find the 68’s. I have 3 Hot Wheels Cougars on the shelf above my computer. Someday, and when that day comes, it will be built as a Trans-Am in the livery of the Bud Moore, Dan cars>

    Thanks for the post, Wes.


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