Kustom culture has exploded in recent years.  Long ago, kustoms were a tiny percentage of car show turnouts.  Now, their numbers are strong, their details are more intense, and their refinement is better than ever.  A new era of kustoms is taking a stronghold on the vintage auto scene, and there was no better place to spot kustoms in action than at this year’s Crusin’ for a Cure.

This 1936 Ford is definite show stopper – from the sleek, kool kat stance to the supercharger and stunning flame job – it certainly stopped us in our tracks.


It is not often you see a Buick Nailhead used in any hot rod, but it just works beautifully on this 1930 Ford.


What ever is being delivered in this 1929 Ford, we want some. I really love the use of the Olds Rocket motor and the low stance of this fantastic Ford.


On the outside and the interior the car is simple clean and beautiful and then you get under the hood… WOW! The details under the hood are not what you’d expect to find from looking at the exterior.


Check out the tattooed header pipes on this 1935 Ford Truck – a fantastic touch and one we haven’t seen before.


Probably one of the craziest trucks we have seen in awhile, this mash-up of tractor, Pontiac, Ford and who knows what else was one intense kustom. But this mix of parts works beautifully together to form a true piece of rolling art. The fun of standing next to the truck was listening to the people around as they discovered the little details that made this truck unique.


This race inspired 1929 Ford Truck caught our attention; we really loved the pinstriping throughout the truck.

There’s more to come, so stick around!

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