While cruising around the lawn at The Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show, we stumbled upon this vintage beauty…

a classic 1966 Volkswagen Bug, beautifully restored right down to the classic white walls.

This fantastic ride hides a secret, but it is hard to tell by just looking at the restored interior.

Hey isn’t there supposed to a motor there?!? That’s right folks, this is actually an electric VW. This pretty cool conversion uses most of the stock drivetrain, except the gas engine, which is replaced with an AC motor that Zelectric states is double the stock horsepower.

It is no surprise that electric conversions are working their way into classics like this VW. With the popularity of modern hybrid cars like the Prius, and full electric cars like the Tesla, it would make sense that it would trickle down to hot rods, muscle car and classics. Heck, we are even seeing it in racing with Formula E and Don Garlits trying for 200 MPH in a dragster.

blackzombie_06_2500Photo Credit

Add on top of it big horsepower conversions like this crazy Mustang with 750hp of electric motors! Maybe I am going to have to go back to school to be an electrical engineer or at least study a little more, but that is what is fun about the hot rod spirit. Whether your putting a 750hp small block or a 750hp ac motor in a car, there is still the passion for the classic cars that we all love.

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