While recently checking out the Ruby’s Whittier cruise night, I ran across one fantastic car. Later, I would find out that this same car is owned by someone we’ve met before, someone whose story and unbelievable collection of Hudsons we shared with you last year.

We first meet Press Kale in 2013 at the Brea County Fair on the 4th of July, where he brought out this stunning 1949 Hudson Convertible.

While at the Brea show, he told us that one of his trucks, a 1934 Terraplane, was in the Petersen Museum’s Truck Exhibition. .

This time, we met another beauty from his collection.  This tantalizing Terraplane has been owned by Press since 1985. He restored it back to stock from front to back and top to bottom.  As always with his cars, they are absolutely immaculate. Press gave me the tour of the car and showed off some of the cool and funny features. This car was the first year that they moved the battery into the engine compartment. Because they were worried about the heat from engine, they put it in a box and and fed it cold air. Another fascinating feature is the speedometer, which goes backwards in comparison to a standard speedometer.

But by far, the coolest feature is the pull out trunk/utility bed. It can be locked in 3 different positions, which, besides convenience, meets state laws. Press told me that in some states, the bed could not hang past the bumper, so it could be locked in a particular position to meet regulations. Yet if you needed to slide it out to haul something, it could accommodate that as well.  Quite the chameleon, don’t you think?

Special thanks to Press Kale for letting us take a peek at another amazing Hudson from his collection.

Stick around for more fantastic finds like this one.

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