Lounging under a shady tree at the Highway Earth Show, we found this pint-sized French powerhouse, an adorable Renault 4CV.


Owned by an incredibly nice gentleman named Larry, this little gem has been with him since he purchased it in Arizona in 2005.  This is not his first experience with Renaults, however.


Larry originally drove one of these in the 50s.  More recently, he drove a Citroen Maserati, which unfortunately burnt to the ground in an accident.  Unable to shake the Renault bug, he searched until he found this French beauty, which he drives with great pleasure every day.



This quatre cheveaux (four horses – or 21 American horses, as Larry says) is not only a daily driver, but clearly is the car love of his life.


Check out the awesome, yet functional, design detail of these rear air inlets!



This rear-engine, rear-wheel drive workhorse was marketed as an economy car, and has a notable VW styling influence.


Larry drove his little Renault over 100 miles to this show!  How’s that for the little French car that could?  Hats off to you and your four French horses, Larry!  We hope to see you out on the open road soon!

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