Rarely do you find a Messershmitt at a car show, but during Monterey Car Week’s Little Car Show we found not one but two of these quirky three wheelers.

A rolling advertisement for Wild Bill Tattoo, this 1959 Messershmitt KR200 is owned by Bill and Roxanne Hill of Roseville, CA.

Due to sanctions after World War II , German company Messerschmitt could no longer produce planes, so in 1953 they came out with the KR175, a Kabinenroller (cabin scooter), a 3-wheeled car. The KR200 replaced the KR175 in 1955 and was last produced in 1964.

A simple cockpit for two passengers. Yep, two passengers, you sit one behind the other, similar to a World War II fighter plane.

If you can’t guess, Bill is a tattoo artist and the purveyor of Wild Bill Tattoo.

This 1954 Messerschmitt KR175, owned by Dave Steward of Pacifica, CA, was a definite crowd pleaser.

The simple steering bar of the KR175 connects to the rods for the steering, giving you direct input to what the wheels are doing.

The bubble canopy, also reminiscent of a fighter plane, graces the top of this micro car – our guess is a lot like sitting in a fish bowl!

Stick around, there is more vintage goodness to come!

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