The best things come in small packages – isn’t that what we were told as kids?  With micro cars, that old adage holds true.  When we see them up close, we’re not always quite sure how a normal-sized person fits in them. After all, some of these pint-sized people-movers top out at mid-thigh height.  Some are so small that they look like a kid’s toy, and one of the micro car-filled lawns at this year’s Palos Verdes Concours d’Elegance made us feel like we hit the Big Wheels aisle at Toys R Us.

Mini – the name alone tells you it is a small car, but it is still just as popular today with the new Mini. But there is nothing today like the classic Traveler and the sublime wood trim accents of this 1966 Mini. Then we came across a pair of 1970 Subaru 360s, one taxi and one van. The sticker on the van tells you everything you need to know, “If  it’s not smokin’ it’s broken.”  Pure genius.

What is this? A boat on wheels? Nope, this is the 1959 Goggomobil Dart. The Dart was a combo of a German Goggomobil chassis and an Australian fiberglass body. The body was built by Bill Buckle, under the Buckle Motors name and it was then married to a Goggomobil coupe chassis. A two cylinder motor pushed this little car down the road. They were only produced in Australia from 1959 to 1961, when it then faded into the sunset. It was really cool to see this gleaming creamsicle fiberglass beauty sunbathing on the lawn at Palos Verdes.

One of our favorite finds at the show was this 1958 Isetta Laker tribute car. With its basketball seat and net in the sunroof, the details throughout were well thought out and perfectly themed.  I really liked the Chuck Taylor wheels – what a nice touch!

Stick around for more cars of all shapes and sizes!

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