The legendary annual Monterey Car Week is filled with show upon show, each featuring a unique set of gorgeous vintage cars.  An absolute favorite of ours is The Little Car Show, which descends upon Lighthouse Avenue in beautiful downtown Pacific Grove for one golden afternoon.


We found it quite funny that these little cars were parked under a sign that warned “Vehicles must fit in marked spaces.”  No trouble there, parking police!

Everywhere you looked, there were fantastic little cars.  This year’s show featured German vehicles, but a variety of cars are able to enter this show, as the organizers “accept all marques up to the first 100 fossil fuel powered micro, mini and arcane vehicles under 1,601cc and all electric vehicles.”

You know those trucks that drive around all day, hauling ads for all of us to see?  If those ads came in a package like this ’40 Bantam, owned by John Moulton, we can guarantee that we’d pay much closer attention to them.  We’d follow this little car anywhere!

There’s loads of little car goodness coming your way this week – stay tuned!

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