To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang, we’ll be celebrating all year long by bringing you Mustangs each Monday!

During a recent visit to the Petersen, we happened upon a corner of their Mustang exhibit that featured original commercials.  Seeing Ford’s early television marketing efforts is fascinating.  Some ads are great, and some ads, well… certainly are reflective of the times, in more ways than one.

This one is so good (translation = bad) that it needs its very own post.  This commercial, from 1968, features Liz, a PhD scientist whose life is changed for the better (of course!) by her new Mustang.

Just in case you missed the last tagline in the ad, here goes: “As Liz can tell you, a PhD helps, but only Mustang makes it happen… Mustang, Mustang, ’68!”  Thank goodness the ’68 Mustang was there to help, or Liz might not have ever found her fizz!

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