The Nethercutt Collection is not just automobiles, they have crazy baroque French furniture, an insane amount of hood ornaments, all kinds of concours awards and then you get to the 4th floor and enter the music room. The music room by itself was nothing to exciting until you hear and see what surrounds you. There are reproducing pianos, music boxes, Orchestrions and Nickelodeons all over the place. The Nickelodeons are really cool as they mechanically play actual instruments. Then there is the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ in the middle of the room, which by itself is impressive, but underwhelming until they play it and you realize on all sides of you are the parts of the organ in the walls. The tour guide played the lowest note on the organ which you could not hear, but it shook the whole room. We were told the pipe was big enough to stand in and 5 stories tall, just crazy.

Ok, I know not a lot of automobiles, but the Nethercutt’s collection in the music room is impressive and it has to be one of the largest collections of hood ornaments I have ever seen. Stick around there is more to come from the Nethercutt.

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