One of our all-time favorite automotive events is Concourse d’Elegance at Pebble Beach. It brings you a different perspective on the collector car market and is a great departure from the great hot rod shows we have been to this year.

One fun surprise is that owners often dress up in period-perfect costumes to compliment their cars.
This 1906 White Model F Roi des Belges Touring car (yes that is really its name – they all have pretty long titles) was wonderful… still looking like a carriage more then a car…
This 1914 American Underslung 642 Roadster reminds me of the “Leslie Special” from “The Great Race“…. don’t you think?

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1906 Pope-Toledo Type XII Rod de Belges 7 Passenger Touring came all the way from the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum.  If we are ever in Fairbanks, Alaska, we won’t be there to see glaciers (well, maybe), we’d be going to see a great collection of cars!
Another car brought to you by a museum. This 1913 Mercer Model 35 J Raceabout is from the Petersen Automotive Museum collection. We first spotted this classic at the Tour d’Elegance. What caught my eye originally and still was amazing is the small round windscreen mounted to the steering column. How much wind break did that glass really give the driver?  Not much is my guess.MConCA-IMG_0876r
The last of the group was this beautiful 1912 Packard 30  7 Passenger Touring car. You know we really enjoy the Packard brand of vehicles and this was quite the stunner for the young Packard brand at that time.

Next week we’ll be bringing you more of  our experience at Pebble Beach this year…. stay tuned!

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